Welcome to the FAQ, where frequently asked questions are answered!


What do I need to play games?

You need Adobe Flash player installed and Javascript enabled to play games on MiniChomp.

Do I need to pay money to play games on MiniChomp?

No, all the games on MiniChomp are free for players to enjoy.

How can I keep track of my favorite games?

You can bookmark the games.

How does the voting system work?

Click the up or down button to approve or disapprove of the game.

What are trophies?

Trophies are markers of distinct achievement in MiniChomp games. Collect them all to show your friends!

How can I challenge friends?

To challenge friends you first need to be logged in. Once logged in just play any scored game and copy the link below the game name and send it to a friend.

How do I add friends?>

To add friends just go to a person's profile and click the 'add as friend' link. You can obtain the profile link by asking a friend for it.